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In Loving Memory of Denny

There is an empty spot on our computer monitor. It use to be Denny's favorite warm spot in the hospital. He could keep a close eye on all comings and goings; get a nice back stroking several times a day and take a cozy little cat nap when

everything got quiet. Denny came to us in the Winter of '99 and over the years he developed several aliases: D.T. (Double Trouble);

Dennis the Menace; but was best known in his senior years as simply Denny. Even in his later years he never lost touch with his Bad Boy "Menacing


" side. He was quite the hunter and demanded to go out on patrol several times a day which proved to be successful on many occasions. Not everyone could appreciate the Bad Boy side of Denny but if you really understood him he could be quite the charmer. He had this way of looking into your eyes hypnotically to get anything he might desire at that particular time. Whether it is a little lick of your tuna bowl at lunch or a nice nuzzle on your shoulder or an open door so he could go out on his patrol. It was during his last patrol that his spirit IMG_4686.JPGleft Barrow Veterinary Hospital. He was found resting peacefully at the backdoor. We have wondered kiddingly if he was mad at us for changing to a flat screen computer monitor at the front desk.We sure Love and Miss you Denny…