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In Memory of Woody!

In Memory of Woody:

Woody was a beautiful Yellow Lab with big shinning happy eyes you could not forget…

We first came to know him on Feb. 5th 2003.  A client had recently rescued him from Barrow Co Animal Control but had begun to think that perhaps he would be better suited as a pet for Dr. Powers. Through several months of training and a few name changes (ex. AWOL- but that’s another story), Woody finally did transform into the perfect companion for Dr. Powers.

The months and years flew by and the bonds grew strong between Woody and everyone who encountered his kind and fun nature.

He taught us so much……

When we had happy days/he was here, tail wagging.

When we had sad days/he would lie quietly near.

If he were here today he would remind us to: Run while you can.

Play every time you get the chance.

Take naps often and stretch upon rising.

Be loyal and obedient, especially if food is involved.

Be patient, watchful and kind hearted.

So many memories but so little time together.

Four years have passed since now since you left us yet you linger still in all of our hearts and memories…Hardly a day goes by that someone does not call your name and share a special memory of you, as we all smile and remember.

Your portrait hangs proudly on our Office Lobby wall. We were and still are so proud to call you family.

Thank You for your Loyal Friendship!