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Pet Wellness Exams

Barrow Veterinary Hospital Offers Pet Wellness Exams

You know your pets need to see a veterinarian when they are sick, but did you know that taking your animals in for an exam can help extend their lifespan and improve their quality of life? Regular pet wellness exams can find problems in the early stages, when they are more easily treated, and help to maximize health and mobility as your pets age. At Barrow Veterinary Hospital in Winder, GA, we offer wellness vet care to ensure all of our patients are in great health.

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The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

Regular wellness exams help your companion animals in a number of ways. First, they allow our vet a chance to find small health problems that can be dealt with easily in the early stages. Secondly, they help our veterinarian establish a “base line” for health so that certain functions can be compared as your pets age. Finally, wellness exams provide an opportunity to update vaccinations, get heartworm medication, and ask our doctor questions about your pet’s health and behavior at various stages of life. These aspects add up to better health for your pets throughout life.

What Happens During a Pet Wellness Exam?

Our vet will weigh your pet and take its temperature. The eyes, ears, mouth, and throat will be examined with special instruments to detect any abnormality or infection. Our veterinarian will also palpate the limbs, joints, and abdomen to find growths or problems with development. Our doctor will listen to the heart and lungs to check for any problems. Even the coat and skin will be checked. A number of tests may be done to investigate your pet’s internal condition, such as fecal tests for intestinal parasites, urine tests for possible urinary tract infections, and blood tests to learn about the function of the heart, kidneys, and liver. Other tests may be indicated, such as thyroid testing or tissue examination.

Changes Found During Wellness Exams May Indicate a Need For Treatment

Abnormalities found during pet wellness exams can be investigated further so that treatment can be started right away. This early discovery of a problem can be critical in halting the progression from certain health conditions. As a result, your companion animals can live a longer, more comfortable, and healthier life.

Vet Care in Winder

Dr. Capeheart and her staff at Barrow Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing the best in vet care for their patients in Winder, GA and nearby communities. Call Barrow Veterinary Hospital today at 770-867-6134 for an appointment to have your pet examined.