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Quality veterinary services can help your pet enjoy a healthier, happier life. At Barrow Veterinary Hospital in Winder, we treat all kinds of pets for all manner of health problems and conditions. From preventative care to advanced surgical procedures, you can have full confidence that your pet will receive the best of care.

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Barrow Veterinary Hospital is a full service animal care facility offering comprehensive pet care. We offer the following veterinary services to improve the health and wellness of your pet:

Comprehensive Wellness Exams & Preventative Care

Pet wellness exams can help keep your pet in optimal health through the years. Regular checkups enable your Winder veterinarian to detect and treat health problems early on to facilitate your pet’s recovery.   

During a wellness exam, we’ll inspect your pet from head to tail, including eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to ensure all his senses are working properly. We’ll check his fur and skin for dermatology issues, examine his joints for arthritis, and listen to his heart and lungs to detect abnormalities. Wellness exams are an important aspect of preventative care.   


We offer both core and non-core vaccinations for your feline and canine to protect his health. Core vaccines offer key protection against high-risk diseases like rabies and distemper that can lead to your pet’s early demise. We’ll help you determine what vaccines your pet needs to protect his/her health. We’ll also customize your pet’s vaccination schedule to provide optimal protection over the years.


At Barrow Veterinary Hospital, we offer a number of surgical services like spay and neuter procedures, exploratory surgery, lump removals, C-sections, dental surgeries, emergency surgeries, and more to meet your pet’s healthcare needs.

Dental Care

We provide annual dental exams and cleanings for your feline or canine companion to maintain good oral health. Through regular dental care, your pet can avoid such problems as stained teeth, tartar buildup, inflamed gums, periodontal disease, mouth tumors, and more.  

Emergency & Urgent Care

As pet emergencies can happen at any time, we maintain an emergency veterinary team on duty at our clinic 6 days out of the week for emergency pet care. If your pet swallows a toxic substance or gets hit by a car, call us immediately so we can prepare the emergency treatment he needs while you’re bringing him in.

We also provide:   

  • Pet boarding services
  • Cardiology services
  • Dermatology Services
  • Diagnostics
  • Retail Pet Food Store

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 Quality veterinary care is key to your pet’s long term health and happiness. Barrow Veterinary Hospital is your one stop facility for all your pet care needs. To schedule an appointment with your Winder veterinarian, call 770-867-6134 today.